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The oCar platform provides a marketplace where passengers (“RIDERS”) who seek transportation (e-hailing) to specific destinations is matched with ride providers (“DRIVERS”) who will provide rides using their vehicle which is approved by OCAR. Ride services provided by drivers to riders that are matched through OCAR’s platform shall be referred to as the “SERVICES”. This Terms & Conditions covers for both RIDERS and DRIVERS (both rider and driver are also known as “USERS”) who use OCAR platform and services. Basic Terms of Use Users are allowed to create one account per person by furnishing relevant information and documents specified by OCAR. OCAR reserves the right to reject, suspend or deactivate any user who fail to adhere to our terms & conditions. Users shall authorize OCAR to match them with a driver or rider based on factors such as their location, the estimated time to pick up, their destination, user preferences, and platform efficiency and to cancel an existing match and rematch based on the same considerations. OCAR may also change or introduce enhanced matching systematics to improve user experience from time to time. Any decision by a user to offer or accept services is a decision made in such user’s sole discretion. Terms & Conditions Users are requested to read and accept OCAR’s terms & conditions before signing up or using the services. All fares shown are in the Bangladeshi Taka and payment shall be made purely in Bangladeshi Taka only. OCAR may amend the terms & conditions related to the services from time to time. The use of the service is for a user’s own sole, personal use. You undertake not to authorize others to use your identity or user status, and you may not assign or otherwise transfer your user account to any other person or entity. When using the service, you agree to comply with all applicable laws of Bangladesh while using the service. You may only access the service using authorized means. It is your responsibility to check and ensure that you have downloaded the correct software for your device. OCAR is not liable if you do not have a compatible device or if you have downloaded the wrong version of the software onto your device. OCAR reserves the right not to permit the use of our service should you use the application and/or the software with an incompatible or unauthorized device or for purposes other than which the software and/or the application is intended to be used. You shall maintain in confidence all information and data relating to OCAR, its services, products, business affairs, marketing and promotion plans or other operations and its associated companies which are disclosed to you by or on behalf of OCAR. You agree and consent to OCAR using and processing your personal data for the purposes and in the manner as identified hereunder for the sole purpose of providing the services. During use of the service, you may enter into a correspondence with, purchase goods and/or services from, or participate in promotions of third-party providers, advertisers or sponsors showing their goods and/or services through the service, the software and/or the application at your sole discretion. Refund All users are encouraged to use the remaining amount in their mobile wallet provided for in the application before terminating their user account. However, if a user chooses to proceed to terminate their account without utilizing the remaining amount in their mobile wallet, OCAR shall refund any amount in excess of a minimum balance of Taka 100. All amount refunded shall be credited to user’s account within three (3) working days. OCAR adopts a non-refundable policy for all charges incurred after completion of service. Cancellation OCAR adopts a user-friendly cancellation policy with minimal penalty for all users. The cancellation policy is designed to ensure both parties are treated equally and fairly to compensate the other party for the time and/or cost incurred. The cancellation policy disregards the reasons of cancellation to ensure fairness. If a user was incorrectly charged a cancellation fee, they may contact our customer service. For riders, the cancellation fee charged is Tk 10.00 per cancellation after their weekly free cancellation is exhausted. Cancellation fee is charged to a rider to compensate the driver for the time and cost incurred traveling to your pickup location. Riders’ are eligible for three (3) free weekly cancellation. Definition of week starts from Monday 00.01am to Sunday 11.59pm. Cancelation fee only applies when a rider cancels a booking 5 minutes after the driver has accepted the booking, or when a rider fails to show up within 5 minutes of driver’s arrival at the pick-up point. Riders will not be charged a cancellation fee is the booking is cancelled when the driver fail to show up 5 minutes after the expiry of the estimated arrival time stated when the booking was first accepted. The cancellation fee will be deposited into driver’s mobile wallet after deduction of 15% admin charge. A driver who was matched with a rider who utilies his/her free cancellation will not receive the cancellation fee. Waiting Charges Every minute is precious for both riders and drivers. Riders will be given free five (5) minutes waiting time after a driver arrives at pick up location. To compensate the driver for the time spent waiting for the rider, OCAR imposes a nominal waiting charge of Tk. 3.00 on riders after the expiry of the free five (5) minutes waiting time. The maximum waiting time shall be ten (10) minutes unless the driver chooses to wait at his/her own cost. The waiting charge will be deposited into driver’s mobile wallet after deduction of 15% admin charge. Driver’s Wallet Minimum Balance The minimum balance of the driver’s wallet shall be Tk. 50.00. A driver will not be able to accept a booking when the minimum balance falls below this level. Drivers are advised to top up their wallet balance on time. Tips to Driver Passenger are given the option to tip a driver at their discretion and choice. OCAR provides option for riders to select the tips amount if they wish to provide a tip. Drivers are prohibited to solicit tips from any passenger. A tip that has been paid cannot be returned/refunded to the rider. OCAR’s standard commission shall be applicable on tips provided. Cash Back for Drivers Drivers will earn 1% cash back for rides costing Tk. 500 and above. The cash back will be credited instantly into driver’s mobile wallet after each ride. The cash back can be accumulated and cashed out or can be used to defray the need to regularly top up their mobile wallet to be able to accept ride bookings. Rights to Revise Terms & Conditions This terms & conditions is effective as of 22 August 2019 and will remain in effect until and unless it is revised by OCAR. We undertake to update the above terms & conditions whenever there is a change in the law and/or regulations by the relevant authorities or when OCAR makes necessary changes to their operating procedures/rule. OCAR reserves the right to revise, update, modify, alter and/or change the above terms & conditions at any time and at its sole discretion. Users are advised to periodically keep themselves updated on these changes. Cash Back for Passengers Passenger will earn cash back for rides costing TK. 500 and above. The cash back quantum shall be decided by OCAR at its sole discretion. The cash back will be credited instantly into rider’s mobile wallet after each ride. The credit available in rider’s mobile wallet can only be used to pay for a ride when the credit available is enough to cover the full fare. The system does not allow partial payment by cash or partial payment from cash back. Earnings Payout to Drivers Drivers will be able to request for payout of their earning by submitting payment request to OCAR using google form that is available at www.ocar.com.bd. Payment will be processed and credited into driver’s bank account within three (3) working days. Toll Fee The estimate cost of a ride shown at the time of booking does not include parking and/or toll/feri fee. Drivers will include parking and/or toll fee into the final fare that will be reflected in the rider’s app upon completion of the ride where toll and/or parking cost were incurred. Rider’s will be required to pay the final fare as shown in the app by cash or mobile wallet or through any other payment method that will be introduced by OCAR from time to time in the rider’s app. Acknowledgement When a user signs up with OCAR and uses its services, the user acknowledges to have read, understood and agreed to the contents and conditions stated in this document. OCAR shall have the right to modify, update or amend the contents of this document and publish the changes in this website (www.ocar.com.bd) as and when such changes take place. Users are advised to periodically keep themselves updated on these changes. Continued use of OCAR’s services after any change(s) is made to this document and such changes have been reflected in this website (www.ocar.com.bd), it shall constitute your acceptance of the same and you consent to abide and be bound by the modified terms of this document. Should there be any major/material changes to the above, OCAR will update these changes immediately in this website (www.ocar.com.bd). In the event of any conflict between the English and other language versions, the English version shall prevail.

Our Mission/Strategy

Become a best e-Hailing service provider in the country. Sustainable and Stable Ride sharing offer in to the country. Create Job and go to upto the village area with oCar.

Benefits for Driver and Riders

Good news for Driver. All driver are able to work any time. Flexible time table.
Enjoy the highest discount rate with oCar. Flate rate Taka 40 discount for Riders for first 5 Rides.
Driver commission we take only 15% which is lowest in the market.
oCar offering Ride Sharing Serice with both platform such as Android and iOS.
ocar offering citywise charge for all city. Its totally depend on city Manager.

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Lowest Rate

oCar provide only 15% commission from Driver.

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